Could not create service of type FileAccessTimeJournal using GradleUserHomeScopeServices.createFileAccessTimeJournal() error in gradle

Had the same problem, these actions worked for me: Close IDE. Go to windows task manager -> processes. Find java.exe processes there and end them.

Hope this helps :)

I had the same problem but thankfully I found a way to do it without restarting the container. Ran the following command to stop daemons on Gradle. This made the other daemon stop and blocking my Gradle runs

./gradlew --stop 


gradle --stop

That Gradle failure message would be:

Gradle sync failed: Timeout waiting to lock daemon addresses registry [...].
It is currently in use by another Gradle instance.

Owner PID: 4567
Our PID: 5678
Owner Operation: ...

If you're using macOS or linux for development, just kill the owner process:

sudo kill -9 4567