Average of your code

Unreadable, 111 bytes


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Note that the average character is $ and does not appear in the source code, which contains only 37 's and 74 "s.

///, 1 byte


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As it’s 1 byte, simply outputting the source code gives the average. /// just outputs the source code unchanged if it doesn’t contain any / characters, so almost any ASCII character works in place of A

Malbolge, 17 bytes


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Test the code average



(                    Copies the value pointed by register d to register d.
                     (d = 0 so it copies the '(' ASCII value)
 =<;:9876543210      Succesive calls to the crazy operation to update the value
                     in register a until the value stored meets the code average
               T     Prints the value in a
                A    Ends the program

Luckily this time we don't need to cope with Malbolge's code encryption feature.