apt-cyg install return md5sum error

Since version 2.867, cygwin has move to sha512 checksum, however, the current version of apt-cyg is still using md5sum rather than sha512sum for integrity verification. That's what causes the problem.

To resolve the issue change the md5sum in line 323 and 326 of the file "apt-cyg" with sha512sum. It should work.

This issue has already been addressed by pull request #37: https://github.com/transcode-open/apt-cyg/pull/38. But the change has not been implemented to the master branch yet.


If you edit the file with windows program, the line breaker might be changed and causing issues such as

/usr/bin/apt-cyg: line 25: $'\r': command not found

Because bash recognized the line changer as a command. I suggest using linux editor like vim, emacs or gedit for the changing. Or you may directly use the apt-cyg file uploaded in pull request #37: https://github.com/jfritz/apt-cyg/blob/97848cfa9ae05297c0b01daeb8ad08a70bc3b77b/apt-cyg