Way to Schedule Follow-Up Meeting using Outlook 2013 Meeting Invites?

In Outlook 2016:

  1. In calendar view, select meeting
  2. In ribbon, select "Reply All"
  3. File > Save (or ⌘S) to save as draft
  4. Close the draft window
  5. Go to Drafts folder
  6. On ribbon, click "Meeting" (small button next to Forward)

Now you have a new meeting with the same invitees, subject, and body content as the original.

Doesn't solve everything (location, duration, optional/required, etc) but easier than copypasting each element separately into a new meeting!

You have two options:

First option: Copy the meeting. In Calendar view, Ctrl + Left Click Drag the meeting to another day. Double-click on the copied meeting to revise the date/time. Send the new meeting request. Take care to review all the meeting request details in case you need to change venue, body text, etc.

Second option: Double-click on existing meeting, change the details, and send an update. Second option is likely less desirable as it does not keep a record of the meeting that took place.