ZFS As Root Filesystem On New Linux Machine?

I would not use ZFS as boot/root filesystem. For basic system setup, I would go with very well tested and fully integrated filesystems.

ZoL is awesome, but booting from it, or using it as root filesystem, can have some unexpected behavior with no real benefit. On the other hand, it is an excellent filesystem for your data/storage partition.

EDIT: from your comments it appears you don't know ZFS command line. Please stop here immediately: using a tool without understanding how it works is a recipe for disaster. Please only use filesystem whose tools you know, or documents yourself on ZFS before putting it in any use.

I am using zfs as a root file system for ubuntu 14.04, both in single disk and in a mirror. I have three clones. No problem whatsoever: transparent compression, instant snapshots, incremental backups, data correction (in mirror) etc, etc.

The above comments seem that they don't know anything about ZFS on Linux (ZoL) and/or Linux.