"You need to use a different version code for your APK or Android App Bundle" No matter what version code set

Google play sidebar

try to explore Artifact library at the sidebar , you can delete your previous uploaded app and then reupload your new app .

It was strange to find the solution, that the problem is not that the app is not being accepted on play store, but some double upload happened because of the bad internet connection, so that the app is keep uploading again, after it is being already uploaded.

I noticed that after finishing the upload it shows again 99% uploading, then the error occured.

When I checked after 2 days, I found that those versions 2,3,29 have been successfully uploaded !

So It is not an issue in the bundle or apk, but on google console in uploading process handling slow internet connections.

When you see this error, scroll down and click save, Open Artifact Library from left side panel, Find your uploaded APK and remove, Reupload the same APK