'WSGIRequest' object has no attribute 'data'

Django REST Framework has its own Request object that wraps the HttpRequest object passed in by Django and adds some additional functionality (like custom rendering and another authentication layer). If any properties are accessed on the Request object that don't exist, it will automatically proxy it to the underlying HttpRequest, so typically you don't notice the difference.

In DRF 2.x, the Request property has DATA and FILES properties that store the passed in data as well as any files which have been detected. These were combined in DRF 3.0 and replaced with a single data property. As DRF 3.0 has been released, all of the documentation now reflects the new Request.data property.

You appear to be using Django REST Framework 2.x, but you are trying to access the new property introduced in DRF 3.0. Because it doesn't exist on the Request object, it is being proxied down to the HttpRequest object, where it also isn't being found.

If you're experiencing this issue with a view method then you could try using the @api_view decorator

def Function(request, <other-stuff>):
    # do the thing