Windows 7 delayed file delete

GregoryM, I was having this problem also.

For a while I was using the hack method of switching back and forth between Debug and Release when the compiler was unable to replace the project.exe. Fed up with the ridiculousness of that method, I googled for the problem and stumbled upon your post. Following your link, I decided to try the answer listed in the very last post (enabling Application Experience and Program Compatibility Assistant), and lo and behold it actually worked.

PCA was already enabled & running on my system, but AE was NOT enabled; after enabling AE and starting the service, I've been able to Run & Exit my program in Debug mode 30 times consecutively without any problem. I also tested making minor, rapid changes to the program in between executions (as I had been doing, trying to find a good x/y size for a console-based graph), and I've not experienced this delayed deletion since.

Perhaps that is the root of your problem also. Hope this helps.

Have you by any chance used a registry hack to completely remove Library functionality from showing up in Explorer?

If so, try the Restore Libraries registry script from here:

It may seem like an odd recommendation but I had the same problem and noticed it came back after a fresh Win7 install when I did the remove Libraries mod.


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