Windows 10 - Force hardware compatibility check

As a solution, i will avoid the Get Windows 10 app.

The Plan B i propose is Media Creation Tool , a free tool from Microsoft that allows you to force upgrade any PC to Windows 10 for free (from genuine Win 7 or 8.1).


1.Download the tool and run it with admin rights.

2.After temporary installation files are unpacked, select Upgrade this PC now and click Next enter image description here

3.The rest of the installation is automatic. Windows 10 will be downloaded and installed automatically.

From my own experience, it seems that the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser scheduled task does nothing if it has already been run in the last 24 hours. To force the task to actually perform the check again, you have to convince it that more than 24 hours have passed by changing the windows date & time settings to a future date (e.g. tomorrow). If you then run the task again, wait roughly 15 minutes* and then open the upgrade dialog from the system tray, you should see that the data has now been updated. Don't forget to set the clock back to the correct date and time afterwards.

If you need to re-run the check, you'll need to make sure the clock is at least 24 hours ahead of when it thinks it last ran, e.g. if you advanced the clock to tomorrow for your first attempt, you'll need to advance the clock another 24 hours from there for your second attempt.

*The actual time may vary - for best results, open Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Task Scheduler, expand Task Scheduler Library\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience and check the status of the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser task.