Chemistry - Will (3R,4S,5R)-1,3,4,5,6-pentahydroxyhexan-2-one tautomerise in nitric acid?

Well I am just a high school student, so I may be wrong, and I beg pardon in advance, but I would like to share my notions about this topic.

@ChakravarthyKalyan I would like to ask you to review your last step in the conversion of 3d to 1. 3d on oxidation should yield this product (in the image)--which is by my knowledge not same as 1.

Oxidation of 3d

So even your theory does not yield (d) as the correct option, I assume. Also I doubt the double tautomerism of the compound in option (d) in acidic medium, though your mechanisms were convincing. This closely resembles Lobry-Debryn-van-Eckenstein rearrangement that occurs only in presence of alkaline medium.

As per my knowledge, ketoses in presence of strong oxidizing agents like conc. HNO3, undergo oxidative cleavage forming 2 carboxylic acids(acc. to Popoff's rule), or as @user55119 had pointed out to me, that alpha ketoacids can undergo oxidative decarboxylation and form CO2 and an acid(though its mechanism is quite unclear to me as well).