Why is my computed property not effective after Object.assign?

If you look at the result of the new object created by object.assign you will see that it no longer has getter/setter, but has a property prop. object.assign doesn't copy the getter/setter functions over but instead calls [[get]] and makes a new property.

MDN describes it:

It uses [[Get]] on the source and [[Set]] on the target, so it will invoke getters and setters. Therefore it assigns properties versus just copying or defining new properties. This may make it unsuitable for merging new properties into a prototype if the merge sources contain getters.

So assign() merges an object with a prop property together with an object with a data property and you get both:

let obj = {
  data: {
    number: 9

  set prop(p) {
    this.data = p;

  get prop() {
    return this.data;


obj = Object.assign({}, obj, {
  data: {
    number: 2

// it has a data and a prop property -- they are not the same: