Why Front part of a body undergoing rolling pushes the surface a "bit more"?

I clicked some photos of circular duct tape . I intentionally pressed the duct tape hard so that the deformation can be seen.

At the Normal position : pic 1

Now , In the next infinitesimal time $dt$ , lets say the tape covers a small distance $dx$ .

Here is a picture of it : pic2

As you can see , in the small time interval $dt$ , the back part of the tape was still deformed due to which when the tape was rotated , the point(s) of contact somewhat shifted towards the right ( points of contact was more on the right side of the centre). That might be the same reason why a fully inflated football rolls for a longer time than the one which is partially inflated.

Due to this (I think) , the Normal force is shifted "a bit" right

Note : Since this is only an observation and I do not have any mathematical proof for this , if you feel like there is some error in the observation , then comment below.