Why eslint consider JSX or some react @types undefined, since upgrade typescript-eslint/parser to version 4.0.0

Official answer is here https://github.com/typescript-eslint/typescript-eslint/blob/master/docs/getting-started/linting/FAQ.md#i-get-errors-from-the-no-undef-rule-about-global-variables-not-being-defined-even-though-there-are-no-typescript-errors and it says indeed to add them to globals or to disable the no-undef rule because typescript has already its own checks

I had the same issue when trying to declare variables as of type JSX.Element in typescript. I added "JSX":"readonly" to globals in .eslintrc.json and the problem was gone. In your case it would be:

    globals: {
    React: true,
    google: true,
    mount: true,
    mountWithRouter: true,
    shallow: true,
    shallowWithRouter: true,
    context: true,
    expect: true,
    jsdom: true,
    JSX: true,

From the following link, I got that you actually use several options after JSX. You could use true,false, writable or readonly (but not off).