Why are DNS queries using CloudFlare's server timing out?


The answer in my case is that the telco equipment commonly used in older installations by CenturyLink treats as a "special address" that is not forwarded – it is used as a captive portal address.

To solve the problem: use the alternate address for the service instead. This also applies if you also want use Cloudflare's DNS over HTTPs solution with This assumes that you can't update the router firmware to address this issue.

Further Information

The router provided by the telco to me is a Technicolor C2100T.

This presentation from CloudFlare pages 14-16 identifies this model and others as exhibiting this behavior:

  • Pace (Arris) 5268
  • D-Link DMG-6661
  • Technicolor C2100T
  • Calix GigaCenter – fixed 2018/Jun/12 thanks to a USER
  • Nomadix (model(s) unknown)
  • Xerox Phaser MFP