Which partitions should I clone when migrating Windows from HDD to SSD?

You need both system partition and boot partition (C:) at minimal

Other partition are Windows recovery and Lenovo specific partition

If space is not a concern then clone them all

About Lenovo partitions

  1. Partition 1 - Recovery (WINRE_DRV) - 1000MB Windows RE bootable (for Recovery Mode) Used when booting into Windows Recovery (Win RE) environment
  2. Partition 2 - System (SYSTEM_DRV) - 260MB System UEFI bootable (EFI/Windows boot menu) UEFI boots this partition, it contains Windows NTLDR, HAL, Boot.txt, and some drivers (Windows will not boot without this)
  3. Partition 3 - OEM (LRS_ESP) - 1000MB Lenovo Recovery System (EFI bootable) Lenovo One Key Recovery (OKR) button boots into this partition, which allows to do factory restore
  4. Partition 4 - Reserved (MSR) - 128MB Reserved Microsoft partition for GPT-based disks Must exist and must be 128MB, used by Windows when moving/changing partitions through Disk Manager
  5. Partition 5 - Primary (Windows8_OS) - 218GB Main C: drive - contains Windows, installed programs, etc
  6. Partition 6 - Primary (LENOVO) - 4GB Lenovo D: drive - contains mainly drivers and installers for some bundled apps
  7. Partition 7 - Recovery (PBR_DRV) - 13GB Lenovo factory reset image Used by One Key Recovery system to reset laptop to factory condition


If your computer boots with UEFI (and it probably does, considering that you have the EFI System Partition), you need the LRS_ESP partition. It contains the OS loader that UEFI-based systems look for.

You definitely want the C: volume; it contains the actual OS and all user data.

WINRE_DRV and PBR_DRV are recovery partitions; they are almost certainly not necessary for booting, though you might want them if you ever need to reset your machine.

The unnamed 128MB partition is usually called System Reserved, which is leveraged by BitLocker. If you don't use BitLocker, it very well might contain the Windows boot entries (depending on your OS setup). Since it's so small, I would keep it.

SYSTEM_DRV is usually an OEM thing - yet another recovery partition. Note that that it also might hold the BCD store. It never hurts to keep an extra small partition.

If you want to be safe, you could just take them all by making a byte-for-byte copy of the drive. Make sure you keep the original disk around in case an unassuming partition turns out to be important; different OEMs do things differently.

Further reading: a Lenovo forum thread.