Apple - Where can I go to make enhancement/feature requests for OSX Lion?

Here's the official Feedback form for OS X.

The general feedback pages do get to the marketing and engineering people as well as measuring user satisfaction, but you also can sign up for a free developer account and file bugs more directly with the engineering team. It's best to reserve this for real bugs, but it's also appropriate to make usability / functional requests there too.

Your issue where you can repeatably break a known function is clearly a bug and might get resolved much faster through the bug channel. You can upload specifics of your hardware and steps to reproduce and honest bugs get resolved quite efficiently through this channel.

The official official place is It's where developers can file bug reports/feature requests/enhancements, etc. You do need to sign up for a free developer account to be able to submit bugs, though you don't necessarily need to know how to develop apps for OS X.

When you submit a bug through the feedback form, it's possible that someone at Apple will manually create a corresponding bug in the bug reporter system, but there's no guarantee.

Bugs submitted through the bug reporter (often referred to by its code name Radar) all have an official number and status (open or closed) that you can track.

Compared to the feedback form, the bug reporter can potentially offer more in the way of feedback from Apple about the bug's status: Open, Insufficient Information, Duplicate, 3rd Party to Resolve, Behaves Correctly, and Closed.

  • E-mail Steve Jobs directly for feature requests
  • Look at this question for enabling Screen Zoom in lion