What username for Login to Console on a Digital Ocean Droplet running FreeBSD 12

Solution 1:


On your Droplet admin page, Access tab, click Reset Root Password button to establish a password for the root user on your FreeBSD system.


By default neither of your given users on FreeBSD, freebsd & root, have a password established. This effectively disables remote logins via SSH, good for security.

Your use of SSH keys automatically logs you in as either user.

ssh [email protected]


ssh [email protected]

If you have not gone out of your way to establish passwords for either user, then you must use the Reset Root Password button on the Access tab of your Droplet admin page on DigitalOcean.com. This button will create a password for the root user on your FreeBSD VM if a password does not exist. If a password does exist, the old will be replaced by a new password.

screenshot of the DigitalOcean.com Droplet administration page, on the Access tab, pointing out the two buttons, "Reset Root User" & "Launch Console".

After establishing the password, then use the other button on that same panel of the Droplet admin page on Access tab: Launch Console button. This creates a server-local shell session, as if you plugged a keyboard & mouse into the server box. You see the session remotely via a VNC session displayed in your web browser.

Solution 2:

The documentation says that the default username for FreeBSD droplets is freebsd.