Apple - What type of power cable does the HomePod mini use?

The Apple sales page does not contain a single photo of the power cord. It's as if they want you to think it doesn't have one...

I used that page's "AR" feature on my iPhone to view a virtual version of the HomePod mini on my table. I had to walk around to the other side of the table, then took a screenshot.

The AR HomePod mini appears to use the same round, proprietary, non-removable power cable as the original HomePod.

AR HomePod Mini power cable

The cable length is six feet and it’s powered by the same small 20 W adapter as the iPad Pro ship with. Same size as the older 18 W adapter which will not work except to give an awesome safe red glow to the orb. So the mini has a cable fixed in the orb, that ends in a USB-C connector.

The adapter directly plugs into the wall 20 W USB-C adapters

twenty watt usb-c power adapter

The tech specs say 20 W power adapter and the published efficiencies table lists 100 / 115 / 230 V input.


Two things to remember, all cords are removable and all machines generate smoke if you are sufficiently equipped and motivated.

HomePod mini teardown