What terminal emulators support tmux control mode?

Edit : see the other answer, use EternalTerminal : It has tmux -CC support and can be installed on linux. It seems quite new, I do not know how stable it is.

What you are asking does not seem to be developed on linux yet with the mainstream terminal emulators :

  • Terminator has an open issue, somebody seems to be working on it actively : https://bugs.launchpad.net/terminator/+bug/1301605
  • Gnome-terminal doesn't seem to have any support. There is an open bug in upstream bugzilla: bug 745640 - tmux integration
  • Konsole also has an open bug: bug 372496 - Support tmux control mode
  • Eterm: Nothing.
  • Rxvt: Nothing.
  • List not exhaustive; comments welcome.

Another idea would be to run your dear Iterm2 mac binary in your Linux environment. But the solutions currently available will not support it :

  • Darling ? It uses a Wine-like approach but "At this point, does not yet run OS X application with a GUI" http://www.darlinghq.org/
  • Maloader ? "Running all Mac binaries isn't my goal. Only command line tools such as compiler tool chain can be executed by this loader" https://github.com/shinh/maloader#readme

EternalTerminal has tmux -CC support and connection persistence.