What's my middle name?

Ohm, 2 bytes (CP437)

Accepts and returns a list of strings.



()   Main wire, arguments: a

(    Remove the first element of a
 )   ...and then the last element of that
     Implicit output

Vim, 6 5 bytes


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(outputs with a trailing space)

Since Vim is reverse-compatible with V, I have included a TIO link for V.


dW                      " Delete up to the next word (removes the first name)
$                       " Go to the end of the line
B                       " Go back one word
D                       " Delete it

Python, 24 bytes

lambda n:n.split()[1:-1]

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Input Format: string

Python 2, 16 bytes

lambda n:n[1:-1]

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Input Format: List