Android - What is this lock screen with ads and how do I remove it?

This lockscreen replacement is caused by an ad from DU Quick Charge

I am pretty sure that this lockscreen was added to the app "ES App Locker". Many User-Revievs are stating that this app comes with lots of unwanted ads and lockscreen-replacements.
See this review: User Review from Daniel Burkhardt

This is what they are answering to most people: Answer from ES Global to User-Reviews

So you either have the option to turn this settings off apparently or remove this application.

You can check the user-reviews here: Google Play Story

Disabling DU Quick Charge may not work on devices. In this case insure that you completely remove the application. If the quick charge screen continues to display, check to see if you have any other apps that have this "adware" and remove them.


Based on the information seen in another question I wanted to update this answer. It seems like quite a handful of applications have added this lockscreen replacement in their latest updates. There is one Reddit discussion which mentions a few apps.

  • ES App Locker and ES File Explorer Pro
  • Xender
  • Touchpal
  • Amber Weather
  • GO Weather Forecast & Widgets / (infact most Apps related to GO)
  • Z Camera
  • Kitty Play
  • Locx
  • Peel Remote

As @Andrew T. pointed out - the main cause of this lockscreen replacement is the advertisement of DU Quick Charge - developed by DU APPS STUDIO.

If you are experiencing similar problems then check this helpful answer by @Firelord to check which app might cause this.

I'll try to update this answer from time to time.

For people like me who hate ES Explorer doing this but can't move away from it right now(because of its loads of features!):

We can disable this unnecessary feature:

  • Go to Es Explorer Tools and disable charging boost.

This will remove the annoying ad screen you see when you plugin the charging cable.

A Reddit user has started to collect together the apps that have included this 'feature'/adware. The list currently contains:

  • Xender
  • ES File explorer (by ES Global) Removed
  • ES App Locker (by ES Global)
  • KittyPlay Wallpapers Ringtones
  • GO apps (Go Weather, Keyboard, SMS, Next Browser)
  • TouchPal Suite (Anything made by them)
  • Z Camera
  • HiFont
  • TrustGo
  • Battery Doctor
  • InstaMag
  • FotoRus - Photo Editor Pro
  • UC Browser
  • App2SD
  • 360security
  • Photo Editor Pro by Zentertain
  • AppLock by Fotoable,Inc
  • Secret Video Recorder by CME Services
  • Between
  • Sharecloud (by For2ww)
  • Flashlight & LED Torch (by Zentertain)
  • Photo Collage Editor by Zentertian
  • LOCX: App Lock (CY Secure)
  • XBrowser - Super Fast and mini by XMan
  • iMuslim
  • Solo Launcher
  • Go Speed
  • Photo Grid
  • Avast Mobile Security free
  • S Photo Editor
  • AllShare
  • Multi Calculator