Android - What is this icon in my status bar that looks like a finger pointing at 3 horizontal lines?

I mailed Kyocera linking this question and they replied very quickly.

It is a Verizon security app and Kyocera can't do a thing about it. Mail extract :

Allow us to inform you that this Icon is for a Verizon security application running on the phone, please be aware that this will not affecting its functionality. At the moment there is no way to remove the Icon.

Screenshot of mail below. You would need to chase Verizon for more details as to what it does but being a device tied with them, I guess you have to live with it.


(Click to enlarge)

You can refer to the Tech Support Case Number: 00689640 and follow up with Kyocera ([email protected]) if you wish (The person who sent the email is Karla H, Technical Support Specialist).