Chemistry - What is this fluorinated organic substance?

Solution 1:

The name of the compound is 1-chloromethyl-4-fluoro-1,4-diazoniabicyclo[2.2.2]octane bis(tetrafluoroborate) (CAS #: 140681-55-6), which is commonly known as Selectfluor, a trademark of Air Products and Chemicals (see Waylander's comment elsewhere). Different view of the compound is given below (to you to understand the zig-zag feature):


Introduced in 1992, this organic salt is used as a fluorine donor in organic synthesis (Ref.1). For example of using Selectfluor as a source of fluorine, see Ref.2:

Selectfluor as a source of fluorine


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Solution 2:

That is generally known as Selectfluor, a source of electrophilic fluorine. The zig-zag line is a 2-D representation of the third ethylene $\ce{-CH2-CH_{2} -}$ unit that links the two nitrogens. more here and wikipedia