What is the systemd equivalent of ntsysv?

Solution 1:

Check the cheat sheet for native commands. But you can still use chkconfig. And ntsysv still shows up in the EL7 package list.

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Solution 2:

I had the same problem.

I use to check the installed services using ntsysv (Red Hat family distros) and rcconf (Debian family distros). However with this new standard I was forced to find another solution. Then I found in the Arch Linux repository a python script to do the check. I just downloaded the tarball and uncompressed it in /usr/local/bin. I am using RHEL 7.2 and to me, it seems working fine.

To invoke the program just execute in the command-line: serman2

The new version of ntsysv now is showing systemd services (Red Hat and Cent OS 7), so just invoke ntsysv via command line.

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