Android - What is the difference between Remix OS and Phoenix OS?

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According to Phoenix Studio forum (translation) and other sources:

  • both are based on Android 5.1 Lollipop,
  • both support Legacy BIOS and UEFI boot methods, but sometimes Phoenix OS Legacy mode does not boot, unlike UEFI,
  • Remix OS lacks adjustable windows and some of them can only be maximized or minimized,
  • Remix OS requires USB 3.0, Phoenix OS only USB 2.0,
  • Phoenix OS boots faster,
  • Phoenix OS fluency and functionality are better than the Remix OS,
  • Phoenix OS 1.0 is 370MB, Remix OS 2.0 is 689 MB, both zipped.

Remix OS 2.0 Launcher:

Remix OS 2.0 Launcher

Phoenix OS 1.0 Launcher:

Phoenix OS 1.0 Launcher

Images source: Softpedia

Video comparison:

Add to the above answer; from what I found while testing both OSes:-

  • Phoenix OS is now x86 only platform, while Remix is x86/Arm
  • Phoenix OS supports window transparency.
  • File manager in Phoenix OS makes more sense in use.
  • Settings panel of Phoenix OS is more well-organised.
  • Phoenix OS still lacks of Ethernet support. (major drawback).
  • Phoenix OS doesn't support 2nd screen output (on laptops), while Remix can mirror and allows the main screen to be turned off via laptop's function key.
  • Applications running in full-screen (most 3D games) work properly in Remix OS, while those running on Phoenix OS tend to leave space at the bottom (what likely the size of hidden status bar+title bar) and miscalculate the mouse position in Y-axis (title bar height above the actual picture on screen).

My personal verdict so far:-

  • If you just need the desktop oriented Android and play games less, choose Phoenix OS.
  • If you care more for Android 3D games, choose Remix OS.


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