What error tracking services work with React Native?


We created a react-native-bugsnag lib before the official bugsnag lib was out, but it's now deprecated.

Use the official instead.

[Long version]

We were also looking for a way to report errors on react-native and since I was not really happy with the existing solutions I found (Crashlytics, and sentry), me and Joshua Pinter decided to write our own implementation of a react-native module, that works with bugsnag.

Here it is: react-native-bugsnag.

It supports both iOS/Java and Javascript handled and unhanded crash reporting.

I hope you enjoy!

Heads up that Bugsnag released official support for React Native to get crash and error data on both the js layer and the underlying OS.

It does handle minified JS using sourcemaps. These can be hosted by you and referenced from Bugsnag or hosted via Bugsnang's API.

Sentry and BugSnag both have dedicated SDKs for React Native:

https://github.com/getsentry/react-native-sentry (doc)

https://github.com/bugsnag/bugsnag-react-native (doc)

They both handle sourcemaps.

Also now React Native + Code Push + Bugsnag for a really pleasant bug fixing relationship https://blog.bugsnag.com/react-native-plus-code-push/


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