Apple - What apps are people using to record voice meetings on the iPad?

My favorite app is the Voice memos for iPad. It only $0.99 and it supports multitasking!

And if you like free apps, I would recommand using Audio memos free Voice Recorder.

I use Griffin's iTalk Premium which costs $2 on the US store.

A different approach is to use an app like Notability or Evernote which not only can record notes, but also integrate with other note taking tools.

Evernote is strong for tagging notes with location and time of capture. Notability is stronger since it allows you to draw notes, sketches or type notes while recording. Once the session is over, you can tap on your notes to queue the sound to the time when you wrote that specific note.

It's got reasonably good options for audio recording, but no audio editing features -- but if the combination of note-taking and audio notes appeals, it's pretty ideal.

If you just need a simple - fast - press one button and go app - try out Just Press Record. It's snappy and works from the Apple Watch to the iPad Pro.