wasm/dotnet Integrity attribute invalid for my Blazor app on Github pages

I found an answer here


Because I am using github pages to host my blazor app, it's using git to push up the code. Git by default will try to normalize line endings when committing code, which was causing the integrity of the blazor app to fail due to the files changing.


To fix this, I added a .gitattributes file to my blazor folder with * binary as the contents.

This tells git to treat all files as binary and therefore not to normalize the line endings. After I did that, I had to delete my _framework folder in my blazor app and rebuild it. After doing this, the blazor app worked.

In case someone else ends up here with the issue I had today..

I also got this error on a Blazor Wasm app locally after simple modification, and then still appeared after reverting changes.

The solution for me was to do a clean and rebuild.

In my case, it was a wrong target framework in the publish profile - I should not have selected win-x64. I'm not sure of the exact reason, but the server interferes in some way with the response, based on the target framework. Just select browser-wasm and redeploy; it should be fine.

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