VS Code - Error: EPERM: operation not permitted

The solution that worked for me was to open Vscode as admin.

I had this issue as well. The cause in my case appeared to be the "Angular Language Service" extension.

I killed that in the extensions pane and was able to rename the file immediately.

Unfortunately, the problem still persists when Angular Language Server is enabled.

I encountered the error message when renaming or moving files in VS Code. I then noticed that it was the same in Windows Explorer.

I develop in Angular using Angular-CLI and I execute the command ng build --watch in a cmd.

When I stopped the watch command, that solved the issue and I was able to rename and move files in VS Code without any problem.

So I think there are some processes that hold your files. I hope this can help.

I faced the same issue while doing a react project. At first, I thought I need to give admin rights but that also didn't work. Later I found that My project was hosted on my localHost. So, If your project is running we can't change the folder structure. You need to quit the server before updating the folder structure.

Solution: Quit the Localhost Server and try again(For React and Angular Users). You can also try restarting the VScode.