Visual Studio 2017 - Node.JS Server Process - Turn off?

Tools > Options > Text Editor > JavaScript/TypeScript > Language Service...

Uncheck 'Enable the new JavaScript language service'.

Restart Visual Studio

This appears to prevent the NodeJS process from starting.

I raised feedback on this issue:

I got response back from a MS Team - he directed me to this post:

The node.exe process has the command line: enter image description here

Effectively I was told:

In VS 2017, several features are implemented in JavaScript. Node.js is used by Visual Studio to run that JavaScript. Among other things, Node is used to run the code that provides formatting and intellisense services when a user is editing TypeScript or JavaScript. This is a change from VS 2015.

It answers my question, but brings to light another - why do you need 1.4GB of memory to give me intellisense on JavaScript files ... or is this one of the solutions that has been built into VS so it uses Less Memory so it doesn't hit the 2GB(4GB) limit of 32-bit processes? Questions questions questions.

You have to disable TypeScript support on Visual Studio:

Tools > Extensions and Updates > TypeScript for Microsoft Visual Studio > Disable

After that, just restart Visual Studio, and you are good to go.