VirtualBox no longer works after uninstalling Docker on Windows 10

After that work was done, I uninstalled Docker. Now my VirtualBox VMs are no longer working (some kind of VT-X problem?).

When you installed Docker it required you to also install Hyper-V

Can anyone advise why uninstalling Docker would cause this, and how to get VirtualBox working again? The machine is an E470 Thinkpad.

You need to uninstall Hyper-V. You won't be able to run a 64-bit guest within a VirtualBox VM until you do that

Hyper-V is automatically enabled on a Docker for Windows install.

Microsoft Hyper-V

To get VirtualBox running again, complete the following steps:

  • Open the "old" Windows Control Panel -> Programs and Features
  • On the left side choose "Turn Windows features on or off:

enter image description here

  • Deselect "Hyper-V" in the list of features:

enter image description here

  • Click "OK", let Windows deinstall Hyper-V and reboot at end
  • After reboot you have to reinstall/repair your installation of VirtualBox with the original installer!
  • Reboot again and it should work

Installing Docker Desktop broke my VirtualBox 6.1.14 Windows guests (Windows host)

Even after uninstalling Docker they were still broken

  • Tried uninstalling Windows Subsystem for Linux
  • Resolution was to uninstall the Windows Feature Virtual Machine Platform

I arrived at the solution by checking Event Viewer => Setup to discover what changes Docker installer had made

Selectable update VirtualMachinePlatform of package Microsoft-Windows-HyperV-OptionalFeature-VirtualMachinePlatform-Disabled was successfully turned on.

Initiating changes to turn on update VirtualMachinePlatform of package Microsoft-Windows-HyperV-OptionalFeature-VirtualMachinePlatform-Disabled. Client id: DISM Package Manager Provider.


  1. Guests were running HyperV paravirtualisation
  2. HyperV was already uninstalled when started troubleshooting