Virt-Manager to Remote host - continuous password prompt over ssh

  • Shut down the guest machine.
  • In the 'Display' section, select All interfaces instead of 'Only localhost'.
  • Restart the guest machine

I have the same trouble. In order to resolve it:

  1. Run ssh-copy-id <your kvm server>.

    In my case, from my laptop: ssh-copy-id [email protected]_OF_MY_UBUNTU_SERVER_RUN_KVM

  2. Now when I connect to virt-manager it doesn't ask for a password and when I want view the GUI console I can without any password request.

So, I'm a bit of an idiot I guess. I found a different place to set the VNC vs. Spice setting. Not sure why it's in 2 places.

But, to help those trying to find it, should any others fall into what I did, when you start the Monitor (to see the UI), then you'll want to click the 'i' button in the circle on that window.

Then find 'Display' in the left pane, and from there, select VNC. Now shutdown, and restart the VM session, and you should be ok.