Vimperator tabopen not a vimperator command

Update #2: fix released

  • reinstall Vimperator

Update: fix done

Fix was done and contributed to Vimperator, new version was built with it, but it needs Mozilla's verification before publishing so it will take time.

If you wish to have it, follow this issue comment. I have not done that myself yet, so will not republish under my name (yet).

Reason why it doesn't work

Firefox changed how their rendering engine treats JS and Vimperator needs to adjust (e.g. legacy generator functions - those with yield - are now dropped).


Tab opening workaround

  1. Open your .vimperatorrc file (GNU/Linux: /home/username/.vimperatorrc)
  2. Add this (strange format due to - I think - << resulting in SO thinking I'm trying to do nasty work here and NOT displaying part of the code):

" Example keybinding: xt

nmap xt :extraTab<SPACE>

command! extraTab -nargs=1 -description "Open an extra tab" :js extraTab("<args>");

:js <<EOF

function extraTab(args) {, liberator.NEW_TAB)



Real solution

Needs to make tabs defined again, as now it ain't thus making it hard to do lots of tab-related things.

It requires Vimperator code re-work and an update, so go and upvote (don't comment, just upvote original post) an issue:

It's broken for many people. If you can't wait for the fix to be released, there is a workaround method available (that works for me at least)

I mapped t to Control+t + open in .vimperatorrc like so:

nnoremap t <C-t> o
nnoremap T y <C-t> o <C-v>

This mimics the old tabopen command.

You can also do this for the other commands like Jack Doe shows.