Vim style cursor movement for Notepad++

A new plugin ViSimulator for Notepad++ has just released, which maybe meet your requests.

Notepad++ is not a modal editor, how would you expect it to work? How could NP++ make the difference between a j for moving down one line and the j in Beetlejuice?

That's the core difference between modeless editors and modal editors: in the normal mode of a modal editor, you have the whole keyboard at your disposal for lightning quick operation while modeless editors only allow you to use all those alpha keys with modifiers.

I don't think hjkl is either practical or even doable in NP++. Maybe a Ctrl+Shift+J combo… but that would defeat your purpose almost completely.

I might add that hjkl is definetely not the alpha and omega of productivity: jjjjjjj is just as silly as DownDownDownDownDownDownDown, even if you keep the key down for as long as it takes. OK your hands are still on the home row but that's still a very inefficient way to move. Using counts (7j) is better, using search (/foo) is even better and text objects/motions are unvaluable. How would it be possible to "port" the concept of count to a modeless editor? Search is possible, of course, because it's modal in every editor and there's no way around it. What about text objects and motions?