vim command palette, similar to sublime text

If you don't mind installing plugins, there are fzf and fzf.vim. You can use them to fuzzy search VIM commands (and other things like lines, files, buffers, tags).

After installing both plugins, type: :Commands+Enter and you will see this window:

Image: searching for "dele" using fzf.vim


Now, you can type your fuzzy search term, select items with up/down arrows and execute selected command with Enter.

There is another plugin called fuzzymenu, which provides a bit improved commands search and also allows you to interactively search-and-build normal-mode commands (like ciw, gUgU and so on).

But I had no experience with it myself.

The Command Palette holds infrequently used functionality, like sorting, changing the syntax and changing the indentation settings. With just a few keystrokes, you can search for what you want, without ever having to navigate through the menus or remember obscure key bindings.

This is exactly what Vim's command-line is for. The only difference is that you don't get the cool but ultimately unnecessary fuzzy search you get in ST.


In combination with wildmenu, your favorite wildoptions and a touch of wildignore and wildignorecase you have got a pretty useful mechanism, there.

If you want to go down the plugin road, it's probable that you'll find what you want for unite or you could try Paradigm's SkyBison.

But my advice is to stick with the normal command-line.