View "Task Manager" type display remotely

Solution 1:

Process explorer can't, to my knowledge, connect to a remote computer.

But you may want to check out the pstools program pslist, also from Sysinternals. You can list the processes running on another machine. pslist is a command line tool, however.


BTW, you need to run in task-manager mode to get the CPU % e.g. pslist \\computername -s

Solution 2:


Remote Process Explorer

Showing the parameters of running processes
(Process ID, Parent PID, CPU, Memory Usage, Priority, Handles, Threads and much more) in real time. Killing the selected process at any moment, etc.

Solution 3:

You can use taskkill.exe to kill a process on a remote Windows system. I don't think tasklist.exe is going to give you the output you want so you will need to use sysinternals pslist.exe as another commenter suggested. You can also use pskill.exe instead of taskkill.exe.

Solution 4:

Ive been now trying the Remote Process Explorer that Roy posted and i have to say that im impressed. I had quite a bit of fun with it. The best functionality i saw was the ability to log off and shut computers down.

Tubs commented that is not realtime view, but its very very close to it, you can choose the refresh time according to the priority of the process (high, every 2 secs, etc.)

The only thing that i couldt really manage to do was to run a process, the process run but for some reason it doesnt pop on the users screen.

Apart from that i would really consider this program.