vector cplusplus example

Example 1: how to create a vector in c++

// First include the vector library:
#include <vector>

// The syntax to create a vector looks like this:
std::vector<type> name;

// We can create & initialize "lol" vector with specific values:
std::vector<double> lol = {66.666, -420.69};

// it would look like this: 66.666 | -420.69

Example 2: declare vectors c++

vector<int> vec;
//Creates an empty (size 0) vector

vector<int> vec(4);
//Creates a vector with 4 elements.

/*Each element is initialised to zero.
If this were a vector of strings, each
string would be empty. */

vector<int> vec(4, 42);

/*Creates a vector with 4 elements.
Each element is initialised to 42. */

vector<int> vec(4, 42);
vector<int> vec2(vec);

/*The second line creates a new vector, copying each element from the
vec into vec2. */


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