excel clear out whitespace at before text code example

Example: excel vba remove leading or trailing spaces in an entire column of data

'VBA function to clean data from range and return an array. This
'function does NOT use loops:

Function CleanMAX(r As Range)
    CleanMAX = Replace("trim(clean(substitute(|,char(160),"" "")))", "|", r.Address)
    If r.Cells.Count > 1 Then CleanMAX = "index(" & CleanMAX & ",)"
    CleanMAX = Evaluate(CleanMAX)
End Function


'Clean the value and returns a SCALAR, not an array:
v = CleanMAX([a1])

'Clean every value and create a 2D array with 10 rows and 26 columns:
v = CleanMAX([a1:z10])


'Note:  this function also removes non-breaking space (ASCII 160).


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