Using scp to copy files from remote to home machine

You do not need to specify your local hostname to scp a file from your university computer. What you need to do is from your home computer open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and type the following command:

scp [email protected]_computer:/home/myusername/file.odt /local/destination/path/

where /local/destination/path is the local path on Felix where you wish to store the file.

i had the exact same problem and this tutorial helped me a lot:

Ok...couple problems here. You DO NOT need to have the first address if you are on said computer. Lets say you are on comp A. A does not need to have its address written. B needs its IP address written, not its hostname. So... it would be scp /home/user/file [email protected]:/home/user/

You need your address there, not your hostname. So Felix has nothing to do with this. Do ifconifg and look for your ip, while on that machine.