Using Jest I get: Cannot find type definition file for 'jasmine'

I finally solved my problem. The solution is based on @Emmy Omega’s answer (that’s why I give him the bounty) and @Akshay Rana’s comment, but had to do some more things. I had jasmine indeed in my tsconfig.spec.json file, but changing it with json (I had already tried it) didn’t fix the problem. To make it work I followed the following steps:

• Update npm (I had an old version and I had some problems installing packages).

• Remove all Karma related stuff that was still there:

npm remove karma karma-chrome-launcher karma-coverage-istanbul-reporter karma-jasmine karma-jasmine-html-reporter

• I still had this test.ts file around and I deleted it (I don’t know where it came from). I also remove it from and tsconfig.spec.json.

• In tsconfig.spec.json I changed one occurrence of jasmine with jest (as suggested).

• Updated package.json with "jest-preset-angular": "^7.0.1

• Delete all packages in node_modules folder and reinstall them all again with npm i.

I don’t know exactly which of these steps made the difference but it finally worked!

Go to tsconfig.spec.json in the types field under the compilerOptions and remove jasmine and add jest

"compilerOptions": {
"module": "commonjs",
"outDir": "./out-tsc/spec",
"types": ["jest", "node"]

I was getting the following error when trying to run Jest in my Angular project.

TypeScript diagnostics (customize using [jest-config].globals.ts-jest.diagnostics option): error TS2688: Cannot find type definition file for 'jquery'. error TS2688: Cannot find type definition file for 'jsdom'.

For me I had to add the type definition packages.

yarn add @types/jquery @types/jsdom --dev

After that these errors stopped.