upgrade nodejs version in windows code example

Example 1: update nodejs

//First, clear the npm cache:
	npm cache clean -f

//Install n, Node’s version manager:
	npm install -g n
//With the n module installed, you can use it to:
	Install the latest stable version: n stable
	Install the latest release: n latest

Example 2: update node with nvm

// to see which versions of node you have run:
nvm ls

// example:
// nvm ls
//         v8.10.0
// ->      v8.16.0
//       v10.21.0
//         system
// default -> 8.16.0 (-> v8.16.0)

// in this case use
nvm use 10.21.0

// you can also uninstall and reinstall if you are having issues
// by following the steps in:
// https://stackabuse.com/how-to-uninstall-node-js-from-mac-osx/