Apple - "Unknown Error = -2,147,414,007" on creating certificate with Certificate Assistant

Was able to get this to work. The purpose for creating a certificate was to codesign gdb on Mac. Here are the steps for the same:-

  • Create a certificate with all the parameters mentioned above.
  • Instead of saving the Keychain under location System, save it under Login.
  • Then, unlock the System Keychain by clicking on the lock icon on the top left corner and drag the certificate from Login to System.
  • Right Click the Certificate, click on Get Info and and under Trust, set to Always Trust.
  • Restart taskgated in terminal: killall taskgated
  • Enable root account:
    Open System Preferences.
    Go to User & Groups > Unlock.
    Login Options > "Join" (next to Network Account Server).
    Click "Open Directory Utility".
    Go up to Edit > Enable Root User.
  • Run codesign -fs gdbc /usr/local/bin/gdb in the terminal.
  • Disable Root Account again and you should be good to go.


  • Keychain Access error when creating new system certificate