Unable to Share Data between Amazon EC2 Instances for Windows

I found the answer to my own query, and here it is:


This can be found at this Microsoft knowledgebase article which deals with the ways to enable Microsoft file sharing SMB. The below matter is of relevance:

The following ports are associated with file sharing and server message block (SMB) communications:

  • Microsoft file sharing SMB: User Datagram Protocol (UDP) ports from 135 through 139 and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) ports from 135 through 139.
  • Direct-hosted SMB traffic without a network basic input/output system (NetBIOS): port 445 (TCP and UPD).

How to do it:

  1. Enable the above ports in the security group associated with your EC2 Instance. Once you have done this, your Security Group Permissions should look something like the image below: EC2 Security Group Permissions

  2. Enable the ports in the windows firewalls of both the instances. A detailed method to do so can be found here. Skip step 7 for Windows Server.

This solves the issue, however, a restart of the instances might be needed.