Unable to setup DKIM TXT-Value as DNS-Record

yeah, you have to split the record as described in this article:


If your domain provider limits the size of the TXT record value to 255 characters, you can't enter the DKIM key as a single entry in the DNS records. In this case, split the key into multiple quoted text strings and enter them together in the TXT record value field. For example, split the DKIM key into two parts as follows:

"v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAraC3pqvqTkAfXhUn7Kn3JUNMwDkZ65ftwXH58anno/bElnTDAd/idk8kWpslrQIMsvVKAe+mvmBEnpXzJL+0LgTNVTQctUujyilWvcONRd/z37I34y6WUIbFn4ytkzkdoVmeTt32f5LxegfYP4P/w7QGN1mOcnE2Qd5SKIZv3Ia1p9d6uCaVGI8brE/7zM5c/" "zMthVPE2WZKA28+QomQDH7ludLGhXGxpc7kZZCoB5lQiP0o07Ful33fcED73BS9Bt1SNhnrs5v7oq1pIab0LEtHsFHAZmGJDjybPA7OWWaV3L814r/JfU2NK1eNu9xYJwA8YW7WosL45CSkyp4QeQIDAQAB"

The two quoted strings have to stay on the same line - in the same box in the Cloud DNS interface rather than in two separate boxes.

I just ran into the same issue.

The google DKIM keys text strings are longer than most other DKIM keys (probably higher bit count) and won't fit into the 255 length limitation per TXT field.

The way to get around this is to do two TXT entries and end the first with a \ or use ( in the first and ) in the second.

The google cloud DNS parser seems to not allow a trialing \ and ) or preceding (.

There may be some way to escape it on the Google Cloud DNS tool - but it is not obvious.

Ok I have a solution.

Make sure to only do 1 TXT record entry and not add multiple TXT records - this is the key step.

If you click "Add Item" when setting up the TXT record this actually creates another TXT record and both records may resolve in any order and the DKIM won't validate.

The trick is to make sure to place the broken up strings into the first text input only and break them into small enough pieces that they all get parsed in the correct sequential order.

Select bit length "1024" while generating DKIM records at Gsuite Admin console. This worked for me.