Unable to increase partition size with subsequent blocking partition

  1. Stock up on belief before you start
  2. Activate a Totem somewhere out of the way
  3. Resculpt the land underneath houses to destroy them, then replace the land after the huts are gone

People will flood out of the destroyed houses but won't start building new houses - they will go to the totem! Once you're ready for them to rebuild, deactivate the totem.

Don't do too many houses at once, people get sick while worshipping, if you take too long they'll all die when you deactivate the totem!

I will expand my comment above into an answer:

If you search for a TOE that is a mathematical theory, it has to be at least a logic theory, i.e. you need to define the symbols and statements, and the inference rules to write new (true) sentences from the axioms. Obviously you would need to add mathematical structures by means of additional axioms, symbols, etc. to obtain a sufficient predictive power to answer physically relevant questions.

Then, given two theories, you have the following logical definition of equivalence: let $A$ and $B$ be two theories. Then $A$ is equivalent to $B$ if: for every statement $a$ of both $A$ and $B$, $a$ is provable in $A$ $\Leftrightarrow$ $a$ is provable in $B$.

Obviously you may be able to write statements in $A$ that are not in $B$ or vice-versa, if the objects and symbols of $A$ and $B$ are not the same. But let's suppose (for simplicity) that the symbols of $A$ and $B$ coincide, as the rules of inference, and they only differ for the objects (in the sense that $A$ may contain more objects than $B$ or vice versa) and axioms.

In this context, ZFC and Bernays-Godel set theories are equivalent, when considering statements about sets, even if the axioms are different and the Bernays-Godel theory defines classes as mathematical objects, while ZFC does not.

Let's start to talk about physics, and TOE, following the discussion in the comments. It has been said that two TOEs must differ only in non-physical statements, since they have to be TOEs after all, and thus explain every physical observation in the same way. I agree, and from now on let's consider only theories in which the physical statements are true.

Let $A$ be a TOE. Let $a$ be an axiom that is independent of the axioms of $A$ (that means, roughly speaking, that there are statements undecidable in $A$, that are decidable in $A+a$, but all statements true in $A$ are still true in $A+a$). First of all, such an $a$ exists by Godel's theorem, as there is always an undecidable statement, given a logical theory. Also, $a$ is unphysical, since $A$ is a TOE. Finally, $A$ and $A+a$ are inequivalent (in the sense above), and are TOEs.

One example is, in my opinion, the generalized continuum hypothesis (GCH): without entering into details, it has been shown with the theory of forcing that it is independent of the axioms of ZFC set theory. Thus $ZFC$, $ZFC+GCH$ and $ZFC+\overline{GCH}$ (ZFC plus the negation of GCH) are all inequivalent theories that contain $ZFC$. It is very likely that a TOE must contain set theory, e.g. ZFC. Let $A$ be such a TOE. Also, it is very likely that $GCH$ is not a physically relevant axiom (at least it is not for our present knowledge). Then $A$ and $A+GCH$ would be inequivalent TOEs, then a TOE is not unique.

I have studied a bit of logic just for fun, so I may be wrong...If someone thinks so and can correct me is welcome ;-)

Ubuntu 9.10 server is not an ideal candidate because it is 6 months into an 18 month support cycle.

Better candidates would be the 8.04 LTS Server (3 years support remaining) or better yet, 10.4 LTS, which is coming out soon.

The LTS stands for Long Term Support, which is a good thing for servers you don't want to reinstall on often.