unable to connect to public postgresql rds instance

Solution 1:

The issue was that the inbound rule in the Security Group specified a security group as the source. Changing it to a CIDR that included my IP address fixed the issue.

Open the database security group in AWS; and choose "Edit inbound rules"; "Add rule". There is a "My IP" option in the dropdown menu; select that option to auto-populate with your computer's public IP address in CIDR notation edit security group, edit its inbound rules, add a rule, choose "My IP" option in the "Source" column

Solution 2:

Was facing similar issue, and this is how I resolved it:

Click on the security group for the RDS instance and check the inbound rules. You might see something like this:

enter image description here

Have to set the IP range to contain your IP or just select "Anywhere" in the Source dropdown, to make it accessible from localhost or anywhere:

enter image description here

Solution 3:

I had similar issue while connecting to postgres . Event though i had publically access true , i was not able to connect.

I added one rule inbound rule in security group and now it is working perfectly fine .

enter image description here