TypeScript convert generic object from snake to camel case


This is possible with template literal types in TypeScript 4.1:

type SnakeToCamelCase<S extends string> =
  S extends `${infer T}_${infer U}` ?
  `${Lowercase<T>}${Capitalize<SnakeToCamelCase<U>>}` :
type T11 = SnakeToCamelCase<"hello"> // "hello"
type T12 = SnakeToCamelCase<"hello_world"> // "helloWorld"
type T13 = SnakeToCamelCase<"hello_ts_world"> // "helloTsWorld"
type T14 = SnakeToCamelCase<"hello_world" | "foo_bar">// "helloWorld" | "fooBar"
type T15 = SnakeToCamelCase<string> // string
type T16 = SnakeToCamelCase<`the_answer_is_${N}`>//"theAnswerIs42" (type N = 42)

You then will be able to use key remapping in mapped types to construct a new record type:

type OutputType = {[K in keyof InputType as SnakeToCamelCase<K>]: InputType[K]}
  type OutputType = {
      snakeCaseKey1: number;
      snakeCaseKey2: string;


Inversion type

type CamelToSnakeCase<S extends string> =
  S extends `${infer T}${infer U}` ?
  `${T extends Capitalize<T> ? "_" : ""}${Lowercase<T>}${CamelToSnakeCase<U>}` :

type T21 = CamelToSnakeCase<"hello"> // "hello"
type T22 = CamelToSnakeCase<"helloWorld"> // "hello_world"
type T23 = CamelToSnakeCase<"helloTsWorld"> // "hello_ts_world"

Pascal case, Kebab case and inversions

Once you got above types, it is quite simple to convert between them and other cases by using intrinsic string types Capitalize and Uncapitalize:

type CamelToPascalCase<S extends string> = Capitalize<S>
type PascalToCamelCase<S extends string> = Uncapitalize<S>
type PascalToSnakeCase<S extends string> = CamelToSnakeCase<Uncapitalize<S>>
type SnakeToPascalCase<S extends string> = Capitalize<SnakeToCamelCase<S>>

For kebab case, replace _ of snake case type by -.

Convert nested properties

type SnakeToCamelCaseNested<T> = T extends object ? {
  [K in keyof T as SnakeToCamelCase<K & string>]: SnakeToCamelCaseNested<T[K]>
} : T


Unfortunately, something like this is not possible. Typescript in its current form does not support type keys transformation/mapping.