Type '({ items }: PropsWithChildren<TodoProps>) => Element[]' is not assignable to type 'FunctionComponent<TodoProps>'

Yeah, the error may sound a bit confusing - in essence it says that you can only return a single ReactElement or its equivalent JSX.Element in the function component definition, enforced by React.FC type.

React Fragments solve this limitation, so you can write TodoList in the following manner:

interface TodoProps {
  items: Todo[];

const TodoList: React.FC<TodoProps> = ({ items }) => (
    {items.map((item: Todo) => (
      <div key={item.id}>{item.id}</div>
Short form:
const TodoList: React.FC<TodoProps> = ({ items }) => (
    {items.map(({ id }) => <div key={id}>{id}</div>)}

By the way: With pure JS, both class and function components can return multiple elements in an array as render output. Currently, TS has a type incompatibility for returned arrays in function components, so Fragments provide a viable workaround here (in addition to type assertions).

I've encountered a similar error. Eventually I noticed that I'd renamed the file incorrectly from .js to .ts instead of to .tsx when converting a component to a FunctionComponent with TypeScript.