Toilet Paper Mysteries

Pyth, 27 23 bytes


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                            Q = input number (implicit)
 f                 )        increment T from 1, for each T:
             +18T             add 18 to T, get radius
         *.n0                 multiply by pi to, get half the circumference
        c        50           divide by 50, get circumference in sheets
       J                      save it to J
    =-Q                       decrement Q by it
  g0                          use this T if Q is now <= 0
+                           add
                     Q        Q (now <= 0)
                    c J       divided by J (the last circumference)
                            and print (implicit)

Haskell, 59 46 44 bytes

A scale factor of 5/pi is applied, so that a paper cylinder has a circumference of 19,20,21... cm and a sheet is 50/pi cm.

Saved 2 bytes thanks to xnor, by using an unnamed function.


Jelly, 29 27 26 bytes


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