Timeout saving table in SQL Server

Solution 1:

Sounds like a timeout setting. So your SSMS thinks it takes too long and cancels the connection for you. The SQL server roles back. But there is help. You are not the first person to encounter this.

See here.

For everybody who doesn't want to click the link. Here is the price winning answer:

After hitting the same error, I stumbled upon the corrent setting.

In the Management Studio, from the Tools menu, select Options, then click "Designers". There is an option called "Override connection string time-out value for table designer updates:" In the "Transaction time-out after:" box, you will see the magic 30 seconds

Solution 2:


Open SQL Server management studio--> Tools Menu--> Options--> Designers Tab--> Table and Database Designer--> Increase the timeout from 30seconds to 65535 seconds.--> OK

//Now you can save your table changes. //Hope that helps, and check out my blog @: //www.ogolla.blogspot.com